"it's O.K. to Inhale" "it's O.K.
to Inhale"

O2RVA, LLC is a Richmond, VA based company focused on bringing a breath of inspiration to any event by combining the pleasure of pure ambient oxygen with satisfying aromatherapy. The experience is known to relieve stress, ease headaches, provide energy and more. It bring us joy seeing our guests enjoy our water-based, non-toxic, all-natural Oxy/Aroma blends of revitalization with friends and family. It is safe to know our solutions ingredients: distilled water, herbal extracts and plant based color.

We bring excitement to birthday parties, banquets, receptions, launching or anniversary parties, corporate gatherings, holiday events, trade shows, fairs and so much more. If you have people coming together, why not bring them some fresh air with our beautifully lit infusers, magical bar with seating for 4 and brilliant marquee sign with under-lighting.