"it's O.K. to Inhale" "it's O.K.
to Inhale"
What is an Oxygen Bar?

Oxygen bars are places you can go and inhale high purity oxygen. They exist in many forms from the look and feel of a singles bar to a very relaxing day spa.

How long is a session and how much does it cost?

Sessions can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes with the average being 15 minutes. Prices are usually about $1 per minute. Most offer a quantity package for frequent users.

I tried to get oxygen from a local supplier and was told I had to get a prescription.

Medical oxygen is a prescription drug and requires a prescription to dispense. You cannot use medical oxygen in an Oxygen Bar unless a doctor is present.

How much does it cost to setup an oxygen bar?

The price varies depending on how large and how sophisticated the oxygen bar is, but the average cost is $1,000 per station for a 2 - 5 station package.

Is it dangerous to breathe Pure Oxygen?

Many doctors, along with the Director of the American Lung Association, say that there is little to no risk when used for a short period of time (less than 60 minutes) through a nasal cannula. However, oxygen can be an irritant to the lungs when exposed for long periods of time (more than several hours).

Oxygen bars are places where people can go to inhale high purity oxygen for recreation and relaxation. It is a fun experience like nothing else in the world. The first "Oxygen Bar" in North America was the "Oxygen Spa Bar" opened in Toronto, Canada in 1995.

What we breath is Ambient Air, which is 20.9% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen. The remaining percentage is trace gasses like Carbon Dioxide and Argon. Breathe O2 developed proprietary Oxygen Generators that remove most of the Nitrogen and optimally produce 94.7% Oxygen. This oxygen is very dry so it is then passed through Aroma Infusors to "infuse" the oxygen with water vapor and the aroma of your choice. Then it is passed safely to the client through a cannula or nose hose.